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Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine 600kg Pipe / Tank Longitudinal

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Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine 600kg Pipe / Tank Longitudinal

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Friendship Machinery
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: LCW Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden pallet or steel frame
Delivery Time: 45 working days after down payment
Payment Terms: TT or LC
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month

Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine 600kg Pipe / Tank Longitudinal



1. Technical specifications

No. Item Unit Specification
1 Maximum loading capacity kg 600
2 Rotating center height mm 1200
3 Work-piece length mm 500-2000
4 Equipment rail length mm 2500
5 Work-piece diameter mm 250-600
6 Work-piece thickness mm 2-10 (CS), 2-6 (SS), 2-14 (Al)
7 Rotating speed rpm 0.1-1
8 Rotating adjust method   Frequency stepless
9 Rotating motor kw 0.18
10 Welding gun lifting distance mm 200
11 Welding method   TIG
12 Micro adjust device mm 100*100
13 Support roller lifting distance mm 200
14 Support roller lifting method   Manual
15 Welder source control method   AC/ DC
16 Input power V 380
17 Input frequency HZ 50/ 60
18 Output current A 500



2. Working principle and structure introduction


        LCW model automatic welding machine is consist of welding assembly, frame, headstock, slide adjust support roller, driven top tight tailstock, welder source, control system and so on.


        a. Welding assembly consist of driven beam, slide plate, lifting gun and so on. Driven beam is processed by steel plate which is after tempering, and installed at main frame, high strength and stable structure, linear slide guider installed at driven beam, slider plate could front and back moving along the driven beam, and small cross arm installed at slider plate, the front of the small cross beam could 90 degree rotating to fit the wobble request of longitudinal or circle seam welding, electric cross slider plate’s distance is 100*100 and with oscillator function to fit the flange fillet welding, welding gun and cross slider plate device could complete rotating, maximum rotating degree is 45. Welding gun with arc pressure automatic tracking device, it will automatic inspect arc pressure in order to ensure the position and direction of the welding seam, welding gun tail part adopts cylinder stretch control, the stretch distance is 400mm. Reducer control the driven, and through gear rack driven the welding gun to move. Because reducer has the function of self locked, it will stop at optional position. Front and back move speed could be adjusted, control by VFD to fit the different speed when welding the longitudinal seam. Wire feeing device at the top of the slider plate, it could continue feeing wire to welding gun.


        b. Driven headstock has a function of drive work-piece to rotating and support or catch the work-piece, it will be fixed at the frame. Driven motor adopts frequency control, reducer through the gear rack to control the rotating of work-piece with three-jaw chuck, jaw chuck and catch device installer at headstock. Three-jaw chuck could fit a diameter of 6-250mm, the main machine could fit a maximum diameter of 600mm. Working table is fixed at rotating support roller which is ensure the stable rotating. Rotating support roller has a big loading capacity and high precision. Headstock made of welder plate, it has enough strength and rigidity, reducer at the inside of headstock.


        c. Slide adjust carriage is adjustable roller support device, it has a function of support and rotate the work-piece during the welding process, the height of roller could be adjusted by hand wheel, shake the lead screw to meet the different size of work-piece, according to the size of work-piece to manual adjust lifting height of the support roller, slide adjust carriage could front and back moving along the rail at the main frame.


        d. Driven top tight tail stock adopts welder steel plate and after tempering treatment, it could move at the main frame, and when move to the right position the lock device will be locked, pneumatic top tight device at the top of the tailstock, it will top tight the work-piece through the cylinder.


        e. TIG welder source is from Panasonic AC/ DC pulse inverter, high efficient, good welding seam and repeatability, stronger TIG electric arc ensure the fast welding speed, easy operate, with cooling system and dust-free functions.


        f. Electrical system consist of control cabinet and manual control box. Control cabinet with famous brand electrical components, welding speed is frequency stepless adjustable. It will mainly control motor and rotate adjust to achieve a requested mechanical action, and protect the driven motor. The complete control system has overload protective, power-off protective to ensure the safety of the main machine. Control cabinet installed at the headstock, this machine is controlled by switch and button and with emergency stop button.



3. Main brand list


No. Item Q’ty Manufacturer
1 Rotate reducer 1 Wuxi
2 Lift reducer 1 Wuxi
3 Driven reducer 2 Wuxi
4 Frequency converter 2 Shanghai
5 Bearing   Liaoning
6 Welder source 1 Japan Panasonic
7 MF01 series wire feeding shaft 1  
9 Wire feeding device 1  
10 Cross micro adjust device 1  
11 Linear guider   Hiwin
12 Main electrical components   Schneider
13 Cable   Wuxi



4. Supply range


No. Item Q’ty Note
1 HCW series automatic longitudinal & circle seam welding machine 1 Main frame, headstock, lifting tailstock, reducer, support roller, driven tailstock, cylinder, gear rack
2 AC/ DC pulse inverter TIG welder source 1 Japan Panasonic, wire feeding device, welding gun * 1 set, cross micro adjust device, 3D wire feeding shaft
3 Electric control system 1 Servo motor controller, frequency converter
4 Documents 1 Manual, certificate, shipping list



Automatic tank longitudinal welding machine is suitable stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum

Automatic tank longitudinal welding machine and Automatic tank circle welding machine


PLC control panel we will adopts Siemens


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