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Double Head Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine For Tank / Pipe

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Double Head Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine For Tank / Pipe

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Friendship Machinery
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: CWM Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden pallet or steel frame
Delivery Time: 45 working days after down payment
Payment Terms: TT or LC
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month

Double Head Circle Seam Automatic Welding Machine For Tank / Pipe





1. Work-piece showing

● Diameter and length: Φ=250-600mm, L=200-2000mm

● Materials and wall thickness: SS 6mm, CS 10mm, Al 14mm

● Welding method: argon arc welding

● Welding requirements: with a smooth, beautiful, no virtual welding and desoldering surface, welding seam fit the strength standard



2. End cap automatic main welding machine and working principle

● Work-piece will up or down according to chuck’s move

● Back cylinder drive the back chuck to catch and clamp the work-piece, when work-piece unload the chuck will down

● Left and right lifting cylinder drive the lifting slider then control the welding gun aimed at the welding seam

● DC motor drive the main axis through the main axis box, driven the front chuck rotating the work-piece

● Controlled by PLC, then start arc and welding

● After finished rise the welding gun and loose the work-piece

● Left and right slider could adjust the left or right distance to suit the different lengths of work-piece

● Welding gun could up and down adjust to suit the different diameters of work-piece and rotating



3. Main features


End cap automatic welding center (automatic double circle seams welding machine) is suit to CS, SS, Al work-piece, butt welding the two circle seams of the tank at the same time. Welding seam is beautiful, with a smooth surface to ensure the mechanical strength, and also could repair welding at anytime.



4. Main structures


● Automatic welding center is consist of main machine, welder source, welding gun system, pneumatic system and electric system

● Main machine include lather, main axis box, tail axis box, welding gun movement device

● The rotating of main axis box is by permanent magnet DC speed control motor, it could achieve step less control, tail axis box with pneumatic pinch device, if the adjust distance is big, it could adjust the position of whole tail axis box, 3D adjust by welding gun soft adjustment device or manual adjustment

● The lather could manual operate, also automatic operate is allowed, PLC control means reliable action and stable working



5. Main technical parameter


● Input power: welder source 380V/ 50HZ * 2 sets, main machine 220V/ 1KW

● Work-piece diameter: Φ250-600mm

● Work-piece length (exclude chuck): 200-2000mm

● Pneumatic adjust range: 0.2-0.4MPA

● Amount of overlap: adjustable

● Main size (L*W*H): 3500*800*2000mm



6. Main configuration


● DC motor: famous brand which is made in China

● Electric parts: contactor adopts Chint, button adopts AIKS, PLC adopts Siemens or Thinget

● Pneumatic parts: famous brand which is made in China

● Welder source: Panasonic YC-500WX AC/ DC argon arc welding * 2 sets



7. Action program


● Manual

● Automatic: manual load the work-piece - first step on loading platform, work-piece rise - cylinder top tight the work-piece - move gun - second step on then work-piece start rotating - welding a circle, automatic stop and rotating, also welding gun back - loading platform rise - back cylinder down - unloading work-piece



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