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High Speed Shot Blasting Machine , Steel Shot Blast Equipment

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High Speed Shot Blasting Machine , Steel Shot Blast Equipment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Wuxi, China
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Model Number: HP Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Mainframe naked in container, electrical control box in plywood cases (Non fumigation) then in conta
Delivery Time: 50 Working days after down payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5 sets per production period
Application: Steel|Steel Plate
Feature: High Speed
Name: Shot Blast Machine|Shot Blast Equipment
Total Power: About 140kw
Elevator Lifting capacity: 120t/h
Elevator Power rate: 7.5kw


High Speed Shot Blasting Machine , Steel Shot Blast Equipment


1. Introduction

Shot-blasting machine is a kind of blasting equipment, which is applied to clean the surface of steel structure welding work-piece, H-style steel, plate and other profiles. It can clean away rusty spot, rusty scale, welding slag on the work-piece surface, as well as welding stress, in order to remove stress and improve surface lacquer quality of steel structure and steel.


2. Main performance features

Compared with other machines made in home factories, this machine has some advantages as following:

● The quantity of shot-blasting and arrangement mode both are calculated by computer mass ejection simulation. The 8 impellers are located at upper and lower, right side and left side, ensuring that the bunch of projectiles ejected by shot-blasting cover the most part of the steel surface, including the end parts. It makes sure that the effect of shot-blasting is overall and effective.

● The system is a centrifugal peering shot-blasting, which is adopted in advantages of massive shot-blasting and high ejection speed. Both the quantity and the momentum of the projectiles ejected to the work-piece surface are highly improved in unit time. So it can shorten the shot-blasting time, and improves the efficiency, comes to a pleasing cleaning quality.

● Dedusting system adopts filtration type of back flushing. Dust collector adopts folded dedust filter cylinder, and the dedusting area has increased. The filter cylinder adopts nano-meter fiber technology; dust collection efficiency is more than 99.99%, especially for dust particles with a diameter of 0.5μm. After efficient filtration, the air is clean and can be recycle used or indoor emission. The pulse controller can adjust the frequency, speed and intensity of ash removal, compared with domestic traditional bag type single grade dedusting system, it has advantages of high dedust efficiency, lower operation resistance, small volume, light weight, easy replacement and so on. Emission quantity meets the national emission standard.

● Shot sand separation system adopts advanced full curtain type, it’s invented by company after a long time research. It’s especially for steel structure shot separation cleaning after blasting. The performance i achieves home and abroad similar product level. The separation combines both wind selection and screening together, separates dust, metal oxide scale fragments, broken sand, large particles from qualified projectile, and obtains clean steel shot.

● Spring steel plates and resistance rubber complex figure type baffles are installed in the two ends of shot-blasting chamber, in order to prevent projectiles splashing. At same time, it decreases the area of chamber in and out ports, so enhances the effect of dedust.

● Projectile clean-away device is installed in every out port of chamber, it can blow away remained projectile on work-piece, reduce the wastage of projectile, lower the leakage of projectile. To the complicated structure work-piece, operator can clean projectile at outside. Dust is absorbed by dudusting system. This system adopts self-circulation type to clean the surface.

● Adopting the international advanced technology projectile controller. Not only can control projectile self-support. But also can through the control valves’work schedule regulate projectile’s flow rate. So as to realize it supply controllable and adjustable. It can guarantee no leakage projectile and jam phenomenon .Diversion safe and reliable.

● Aim at different specifications, shapes and complex degree of steel. The roller running speed can use transducer to on-line adjusting. Make different parts can get cleaning effect.


3. Technical data

Work-piece size

Cross section


Length of the wore piece


Production rate passing speed of the work piece


Impeller head





Shot blasting capacity


Power rate



Lifting capacity


Power rate


Longitudinal spiral conveyer

Conveying capacity


Power rate


Transverse spiral conveyer

Conveying capacity


Power rate



Separating capacity


Ball-clearing system

Power rate


Load-carrying capacity


Input/output roller way





Delivery speed


Length of the roller


Dust removal system

Blowing rate




Total power

About 140kw


4. Equipment components and structure features

This series of shot blasting and cleaning machine mainly includes shot blasting and cleaning cabinet, work-piece conveying system, shot circle clean-up system, impeller head, dust removing system and electrical control system.

Shot blasting and cleaning cabinet

Shot blasting and cleaning cabinet consists of main and assistant cabinets. Main cabinet is welded by 12mm steel plate and profile steel, with characteristic of high intensity, good rigidity and little vibration. There is one wearing protective chromium plate in the main cabinet inner wall, which is installed by bolts and changed conveniently. Assistant cabinet is also welded by steel plate and profile steel with good rigidity and intensity, and can reduce noise effectively.

In order to prevent shot and dust overflowing, five flexible baffles like finger is set at cabinet input and output end, which is composed of 2mm spring steel plate and 5mm double-layer wearing rubber through coining. Finger-like baffles can prevent shot spattering efficiently and have excellent performance-price ratio and useful lifetime. Meanwhile, it will reduce opening size and gap area at cabinet entrance and exit end so as to make wind speed of dust removing system more than 5m/s to increase dust removal effect, which is lager than dust overflowing speed.

Dust collection is mounted in top part and lower side of entrance and exit terminal in shot blasting cabinet. Dust collection connects with dust removing system and the cleaning cabinet is in sub pressure state, which can assure no dust overflow.

Impeller head is mounted at the side of up and down, left and right, whose position is designed by computer according to processed components character to decide the best location. After work-piece entering into cabinet, shot giving valve starts working and impeller head begin to blast shot to work-piece at different position, attachment and remained welding slag of work-piece surface will be cleaned up rapidly.

Impeller head starts to work selectively on basis of work-piece specification and shape. 8 impeller heads are able to work at the same time when blast big and complicated work-piece; For small and simple work-piece, you can select relative impeller heads to work.

Shot circular clean-up system

This system consists of longitudinal helix conveyer, bucket elevator, separator, and storage box and impeller head. (Schematic diagram)



Clean cabinet – longitudinal helix – bucket elevator – traverse helix – separator – storage box – shot giving valve - impeller head – clean cabinet

Helix conveying machine is set under clean cabinet, which is used to convey shot to bucket elevator. And bucket elevator lift it to convey helix on the top of separator, and then distribute shots evenly. By air separation, dust, metal oxide skin fragment, broken shots, big particle sundries and effective shots are separated. Deduster collects dust, whirlwind deduster discharge broken shots, screen mesh shake big sundries and effective shots are stored in storage box for use. Through adjusting the size and position of baffle seam on top of separator can improve width and density of shot layer. If regulate filter board coordinately, separating effect will be excellent.

Shot giving valve is installed at the bottom of storage box, controlled by pneumatic system; transmit shots from conveying pipeline to impeller head.

Impeller head

The turning direction and attacking angle is calculated according to sector angle, shoot angle, arrival angle, quantity, lay-out method, blasting feature and work-piece shape and specification through computer simulate blasting. Eight impeller heads are set at eight different positions respectively in main cabinet, which can assure shot stream with high surface covering ratio. It can cover profile steel surface including rib plate, as a result, realizing full, thorough and high efficient cleaning.

Shot blasting system adopts centrifugal direct correction impeller head, with characters of big shot quantity and high blasting speed, which is developed by our own company on basis of advanced technology of Germany SCHLICK Company. Shot quantity and momentum is improved remarkably in unit time, so shot blasting time is reduced and the clean efficient is increased.

Impeller head is the key part of this machine, its working principle is: impeller creates centrifugal force and wind force during high speed rotating, preaccelerate the shots when it flow into shot pipeline, under the action of centrifugal force, through orientation window and along vane length direction, speed up and blast at last. Formed shot sector stream attack work-piece surface.

The impeller head includes vane wheel, vane, shot dividing gear, orientation jacket and motor. Vane wheel is double disk structure. Vane adopts self position structure and is fastened in vane wheel depend on centrifugal force with features of convenient deinstallation and stable and reliable.

Vane, shot separating gear and orientation jacket use high chromium wearing alloy material, with characters of long lifetime. Vane can make sure for 1500 useful hours and shot separating gear 2000 hours and orientation jacket 2000 hours.

Turn orientation jacket can change shot blasting direction. And the adjusting principle is shot stream can cover work-piece fully.

Shot cleaning system

High pressure fan is set on the top and sides of exit end in shot blasting cabinet, which can blow and clean remained dirt on work-piece surface and reduce loss and shot leaking ratio.

There are several nozzles in this system, the air blast also can clean remained dust on work-piece surface so as to reach a clean surface. Blowing dust is collected by dust removing system.

Wind force use self circle, high pressure fan sucks wind from shot blasting cabinet to avoid air blasting influencing air pressure balance and make sure subpressure state in cabinet and enough dust removing speed and prevent overflowing.

Dedusting System

Dedusting system is made up of dust removal pipe, air valve adjustment and filter cylinder dust removal. Dust removal pipe has three air valves, one is used to adjust the separation speed, the other two are used to adjust speed and air pressure of dust collector, in order to control dedusting to meet the national emission standard.

Filter cylinder dust removal is foldable cylinder sharp, external diameter is 325mm, height of pipe is 660mm. The dust removal area of filter cylinder is 20m2 and the bag type covers only 0.61 m2, so filter cylinder is easily installed.

● This equipment has following features

Small volume, small occupation.

High clean up efficiency, above 99% for submicron dust.

Adopting new filter element as main part with long service lifetime.

Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, low cost.

Energy saving, running resistance is 500-800PA, primary resistance is under 200PA, max. resistance is 1500PA(fixed by wind pressure).

Adopting digital pulse control, reverse blow.

Put filter element vertically, single fixed, safe and convenient checking.

Dust barrel, dust cart and helix discharge device are optional.



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